SGRThe Sundries

The Sundries is a boutique shop at Summit Windmill Golf Residence .A small retail store which focuses on friendly staff, great service and necessary selection items. We will make it easy and convenient for our customer including of residence guest, golfer and local family to get their favorite and essential items for their daily lifestyle.

The Sundries will prepared everything from deli, groceries, soft drink, beer, fine wine, spirits, drugs & cosmetics, gifts and souvenirs.

This will be oasis for all market mix around area instead of famous convenient stores outside every Corner


Bang Poo Place is located in the Bang Poo district and is a famous resting area in Samutprakarn set amongst the sea and mangroves. With a gentle breeze from the sea people can enjoy sightseeing, bird watching, and atmospheric evening while taking in the sunset. Bird watching consists of several species including Eenedein birds, Seagulls and others. In addition, there are many local restaurants that offer stunning views. On Staurday nights from 17.00 – 21.00 am. there are special Open Dance Floor evenings to Suntharaporn music along with delicious food for dinner.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 10.00 AM – 22.00 PM


Visit this historic Chinese trader community which is approximately 153 years old, formerly known as the "Siri Sophon market" where local people live in simplicity in an old market along the Samrong canal. The Floating Community at Bangplee has been long considered and still remains a very large and prosperous market to transport goods and passengers from the Eastern Coast of Thailand to Bangkok along the Samrong Canal.

Open to visitors: Saturday & Sunday
Opening Time: 8.00 AM – 16.00 PM


"Bang Numphung Floating Market" arises from the concept of life on Bangnamphueng district. As the center of this small community, locals initially developed this floating market to sell agricultural products. Later the Bang Numphung Floating Market was accepted and expanded its operations as an extensive information distribution center of the community by providing a booths available for sale, and a source of OTOP products. Nowadays, the villagers have vegetables, fruits in garden to sell in the market and launched eco-tourism programmed for tourists. The Floating Market consists of three parts: an arch of villagers selling produce and seasonal fruits such as bananas and coconuts; local vegetables such as morning glory, chili, and lemon grass; and flower such as orchids and others.

Open to visitors: Saturday & Sunday
Opening Time: 10.00 AM – 16.00 PM


Wat Bang plee yai nai is located along the Samrong Canal, formerly known as Wat Phapphachai Chanasongkhram. Here a large Buddha Sukhothai was established in the temple where the local people are faithful and respect Luang Por (also called Luang Pho To). A celebration is held every October at Wat Bang Plee Yai Nai. Local people respectfully engage on a boat in the ceremony to pay homage. Adjacent to the temple is the ancient riverside market which is more than 140 old and still intact for tourists to walk and buy goods including food and accessories.

Open to visitors : Every day
Opening Time : 8.00 AM – 15.00 PM


The City Pillar Shrine is located on Prakhon Chai Road, and is a sanctuary which has been honoured by Samutprakarn Residents for almost 200 years. At the City Pillar Shrine you can find there are many contrasts between this shrine and others: 1. The Shrine which is based on the beliefs of China. 2. The Pillar which is the base for each of the city. Local people believe that whoever comes to Samutprakarn, should come to visit The City Pillar Shrine for success and prosperity in their life.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 8.30 AM – 18.00 PM


The Greatest Shopping Paradise of Eastern Bangkok and Srinakarin consists of 4 floors with 90.00 square metres of retails space, and is located on Srinakarin road. The park is divided by the Seri Market, Sports World, Home Pro, Loft and Cineplex. Paradise Park is the largest shopping center which offers Supermarket fresh food and groceries, Restaurants and Cafes, Beauty Park, Cosmetic Skin Care, Hair Salon and Nail Care, Beauty Treatment and Spa, Pharmacies, The Dressing Room, Thai Designers Selected, Fashion Revenue, Accessories, Watches, Optical, Precious Jewellery and Gold, Entertainment World, Books, Bank and Insurance, Digital World and other attractions.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 10.30 AM – 22.00 PM

SGRCentral City

The mall opens at 11 am and has a total 7 floors with two basement floors. On the 6th floor is a large Cineplex group of cinemas. On the roof of the shopping center there is a fun/swim park. Most are "upmarket" shops selling fairly expensive items. There is also a Boots pharmacy, a Watsons pharmacy, and a number of well known fast food outlets. There is a post office in the basement down the steps at the far end of the first floor.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 10.30 AM – 22.00 PM

SGRSuan Luang Rama 9 Park

Suan Luang Rama 9 Park and Botanic Garden is the largest in Bangkok consisting of 500 rai in Nongbon Pravet east of Bangkok. It was build to consecrate His Majesty the King for 60th Birthday Anniversary on 5 December 1987. Inside Hall of Fame you can discover more about Thai royalty and His Majesty the King. The grounds are open to the public to enjoy the lawns and shady trees, cycling, and take photographs. Suan Luang Rama 9 is located in Town which easily to travel department store around Srinakarin Road.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 6 .00 AM – 18.00 PM


The Naval Museum is a special collection of valuable museum objects of historic and archaeological value with respect to military ships. The Museum collects historical information about the Ancient Thai Navy. Strategic naval battles as well as critical of various weapons used in war are on display, as well as a large number of boats seen over different historical periods. This includes ship models used in for ceremony procedures during the reign of King Rama 5, Luang Phra Ruang boats and ships, as well as boats from Ehrnr Royal Matcha Phitsanu. Also on display is the first version of a submarine from the Thai Royal Navy.

Open to visitors : Everyday
Opening Time : 8.00 AM – 15.00 PM


Ta Ko Swamp is a popular lake for water sports among tourists. There are many kinds of water sport available here such as cable skiing and windsurfing. Rental rate: 200 Baht per hour 300 Baht per 2 hours 400 Baht per 3 hours 500 baht for All day

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 12.00 – 18.00 PM

SGRCrocodile Farm

The easiest way to visit the Crocodile Farm is by Songtaew from Paknam City. Look out for the number 30 or 36 which will both go past the top of the Soi for the Crocodile Farm. This has a flat rate of only 7 baht per person. Coming from Paknam, it will only take about 10 minutes. Look out for the Big C hypermarket on your right. A short while later (1,000 metres) you will come to a traffic light where Bus 145 turns right to the terminal. From the intersection it is only a further 430 metres to where you will need to get off. It is easy to spot the entrance because there is a massive sign at the entrance to this Soi with a man lying down on top of a crocodile. At the top of the Soi you can catch a motorcycle taxi to the Crocodile Farm for about 15 baht. The distance is about 1.2 kilometres.

Open to visitors: Everyday
Opening Time: 09.00 AM. – 16.00 PM


Apartment Features :
• Fully-furnished residences
• Kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, electric hob & hood, glassware, cutlery and crockery.
• Cable network television with LCD screen, audio system & dvd player
• Balcony with golf view
• Private garden (ground floor only)
• Washing Machine cum dryer
• Hair dryer
• Iron & ironing board
• Alarm clock
• Weight scale
• Multi-split air-conditioning